General information about vintage British Paraffin heaters

This section will be developed to provide information about vintage British paraffin heaters. I have a number of sales brochures, parts catalogues and price-lists along with identification charts mostly dating from the period 1960 to 1980 and I intend to scan these and provide the information here for use by people owning and operating heaters of the period or restoring them.

In addition I would be happy to post links to other sources of relevant information

* Oil Appliance Manufacturers Association (OAMA) pamphlet published in 1964 with a collection of diagrams and parts lists along with service instructions for then current heater models.

** Note that I have not checked if any of the telephone numbers or addresses given on the scanned information are still valid.


Note no responsibilty is taken for the accuracy of the information or for the safety of any procedures described in the documents reproduced here. Oil heaters can be dangerous when faulty or mistreated and many of the early models lack any of the safety systems that were required to pass regulatory approvals (e.g.British Standards Kitemark etc.)
If you are at all unsure get someone who is competent to check it out before filling and lighting!!!

Links to Useful Sites

I am hoping to put together a list of useful resources including sources of spares and information. If you know of any please let me know so I can add links here.

Collectors Pages

Pages set up by collectors of vintage oil heaters. If you want me to list your collection here drop me an email.

Please address any queries or comments to me at

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