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Index of items for sale.

I am trying to clear the attic of the accumulated 'useful' things resulting from various members of the family staying with us, having sold one house while looking for the next. Its odd how the things they COULD NOT part with, and we squeezed into corners of the attic, just get left when they move into the new home - or country!

I had thought of putting it all in a van and driving round the country dropping it on their doorsteps in the early morning but this would involve some distant travel so I am taking less drastic action and - with your assistance - putting it to good use!

While exploring I also found we had boxes packed when we moved from our first house over 25 years ago and not unpacked since - it really has to go!

eBay has already helped along the way and will no doubt be our saviour for a awful lot more.

Some of the stuff is fairly specialised such as the collection of Paraffin (Kerosene) Heater Spares and Wicks left over from when my parents ran a hardware store. Along with them is a lot of what seems to me useful information for folk trying to restore these once common items so I am putting this online as a resource for repairers and restorers.
The material I have relates mostly to the period 1950 to 1980 during which the quantity of these heaters in use rose massively then declined completely as North Sea Gas came available in the UK.

As I dig stuff out and prepare to sell it I figure on setting up pages here which I can then use as the basis for Ebay listings.

If you see something here you fancy either drop me a email and we can discuss a price or I will put it on eBay as auction or Buy-It-Now

Do drop back frequently as I will be adding stuff as I sort it out and, hopefully, removing items that have found a new and useful existance!

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